Transition Assistance Program-TAP


Transition Assistance Program-TAP

Do you have an exit strategy from the military? The DoD’s mandatory Transition Assistance Program is designed to provide service members and spouses knowledge, skills, abilities, information and resources needed for a successful transition. Separating members should begin the TAP process 12 months prior to separation and retiring members should start 24 months prior to retirement. Are you prepared for your next step in life? Start today!


TAP is a three-step process designed to prepare military members for separation or retirement from the military, and prepare them to transition to civilian workforce.

Step 1 is attending a Pre-Separation counseling.
Step 2 is the Transition Goals Plans and Success (TGPS) 5-day workshop.
Step 3 is conducting the CAPSTONE process.

TAP is a congressionally-mandated program and is NOT optional. Regardless of circumstance, ALL military members (some exemptions are authorized) are required to complete TAP. Separating members should begin the process 12 months prior to their Date of Separation (DOS). Retiring members should begin the process 24 months prior to their retirement.

Pre-Separation counseling is a group event conducted on Wednesdays throughout the month; contact the M&FRC for class schedules. Preseparation Counseling introduces benefits, entitlements, and resources to all service members, including an overview of the TAP process and the TAP website This website is used to track each member’s progress through the transition process, which culminates with a mandatory CAPSTONE appointment. If not already created, all participants must register on eBenefits at the website.

TGPS 5-day seminar
To prepare for the 5-day workshop, attendees must bring with them an Individual Transition Plan (ITP), a budget work sheet, and the GAP Analysis pts A & B. These documents can be found by going to our Google Drive page: and select the TGPS Precourse and Misc folder and download all pertinent documents. In addition, please bring your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) document, a current end-of-month LES and your OPRs/EPRs.

The 5-Day workshops includes:
Day 1. An Overview of the course, Transition Resiliency, Military Occupation Codes (MOC) Crosswalk including GAP Analysis, and Personal Financial Management.
Days 2-4. The Dept. of Labor teaches the employment process which includes the job search, resume development, and interviewing techniques.
Day 5. The Veterans Benefits Advisor covers all VA benefits and programs for veterans.

The CAPSTONE event is conducted via one-on-one appointment with a Transition Counselor. During the Capstone, each member must present the Career Readiness Standards (deliverables) to your counselor.

These deliverables are:

A completed ITP (first 9 pages) AND the additional path the service member is pursuing i.e. Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Career Exploration and Planning, or Employment Path completed.
A Resume; completed during the 3-day Dept. of Labor Employment Workshop of TGPS.
Gap Analysis Parts A & B; filled out during day one of TGPS.
A 12-month spend Plan; explained during day one of TGPS.
Proof of registration in e-benefits; initiated before or after Pre-Separation counseling.
Your results from O*NET Interest Profiler; completed day one of TGPS found in

IAW the Air Force Transition Assistance Program Operational Guide, CAPSTONE should be completed no later than 90 days prior to separation. It is highly encouraged to complete CAPSTONE as early as possible (up to 12 months prior to separation/retirement).


  • Pre-Separation Briefing Slide Deck
  • Step-by-Step pre-work “Initializing the Pre-Separation Briefing
  • Pre-Separation Informational Script
  • SHPE Brochure
  • State Veteran Employment Websites
  • Nationwide Recognized Service Organizations for filing Service Connected Disability
  • States that TAX Retire Pay
  • Base Pay Scale Civ Handout
  • Supplemental Information Handout
  • Gold Card Certificate

5-Day TAP Course

  • TAP GPS 5 Day Agenda
  • TAP GPS 5 Day Materials to Bring
  • Sources of Help for Military Consumers
  • TAP Financial Websites
  • Military Occupational Crosswalk Guide
  • Down and Dirty Resume Guide
  • Resume Component Samples
  • Military to Civilian Terms
  • Senior Executive Service Resume Examples
  • Accomplishment Statement
  • Sample of Summary of Qualifications
  • Resume Sample Summary Statements
  • 30 Second Commercial
  • Internet Site for Job Hunters
  • Service Preference Points
  • iStartStrong Online Assessment
  • Targeting Resume
  • Employment Negotiations
  • Blank Resume Worksheet
  • Cold Calling Script
  • Sample Cover Letter
  • Draft Resume Template
  • Generic Resume Sample
  • Art of Informational Interview
  • Employment Negotiations
  • Tips On Dressing For An Interview For Women
  • Dressing Guidelines for Women
  • Employment Related Resources pg 1
  • All About KSAOs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)
  • VMET
  • Key Words that get Noticed
  • Internet Short List


  • Capstone Required Documents
  • 12-Month Budget WorksheetMilitary_Budget_2019
  • Individual Transition Plan
  • GAP Analysis/MOC Crosswalk
  • Capstone Prework Instructions


  • Boots to Business 2 Day Agenda
  • Boots to Business Fact Sheet
  • Boots to Business web link URL – Phase 1 Video short introduction found in website link.

EDUCATION TRACK 2 DAY (Attend after completion of 5 Day TAP GPS)

  • Education Pathway Guide

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